About Us

Everything you need to know about KARDIA

Who We Are

Founded in 1986, Input Automation Inc. — now using the brand name KARDIA — had the initial purpose of selling and supporting barcode equipment to companies that were rapidly adopting barcode technology for their business operations. By listening to our customers and anticipating their needs, we began providing software solutions and in so doing developed our own in-house software development capabilities. More and more, our clients needed custom software solutions to solve their unique business demands

Our Early Growth

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As our journey progressed, so did our software technology. In the early 90's, we launched our "On Track" product —a Microsoft Access-based asset tracking system. We installed over 100 custom solutions, many of which are still in use today. Then, in the mid-90's, we moved our database onto the Microsoft SQL Server platform and never looked back.

Sure-Footed Development

Soon, our software incorporated mission-critical components — order entry, inventory management, invoicing and deposits. We incorporated this functionality into our Total Package product, which we released in 2000. Many of our clients were using, and continued to use, QuickBooks™ for their core financial functions, but due to data volume or custom needs, used Total Package to run their core business operations. Since Total Package integrates with QuickBooks™, the two products worked together so that data entry was not duplicated ... and a very efficient system resulted. Our clients were able to keep their QuickBooks™, which they knew and liked, even though they had to continue to work around its weaknesses.

Why Choose Us Today?

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Today, our Total Package technology is embodied in our KARDIA Configurable Solutions Technology brand — which is built entirely on the Microsoft .Net platform. This package uses both a traditional "thick client" architecture together with "thin client", web-based components. KARDIA continues our commitment to sophisticated, custom solutions at a fraction of the cost of the high-end systems.


The solutions below are just a few examples of what our KARDIA platform can do. Because the results we produce are "configured"
and not "customized", they require no programming to generate solutions for highly detailed needs that precisely track things that run
from very numerous to very specific. Every form and field—and all the logic behind them—are defined separately, and our software merely reads the configuration database to render any required application. The result provides tailored solutions at far lower cost
and with far greater robustness than any custom-developed application. What's more, if you can do well using an exisiting KARDIA configuration—then great!. You will have a well-tested, low cost solution. But, if you ever need to make a change, you can do so
simply and more cost effectively than you ever could imagine.

Taking inventory in warehouse


Logistics / Shipping

Our most common solutions revolve around inventory management.  Because inventory is so very challenging, yet so vital to efficient and profitable operations, extreme flexibility is demanded.  Multi-location?
 Lot tracking?
  Barcode scanning?
 Compliance labeling?  KARDIA has years of experience with process expertise and applied knowledge about how live applications have to work in daily operations.
With KARDIA, we can make the software fit your operations rather than your operations having to fit with the software.

Emergency unit


Emergency Medical Services

KARDIA's configurable approach, combined with our advanced database expertise, allows us to configure solutions completely tailored to client needs.  As an example, suppose you want to collect patient information at the point of transport from scene to hospital.  You will probably want to collect their tag#, status, name, gender and destination.  Now suppose you are at the hospital and receiving inbound emergency patients.  Do you need to enter the destination?  No.  This simple example illustrates just the beginning of what KARADIA calls "data input consolidation and economy."

Automated purchasing


Hassle-Free Procurement

When you can purchase like items from a variety of vendors, optimization of purchasing can become cost effective, provided it is manageable.
KARDIA Solutions have included order optimization features, comparing vendor performance for lead time, expiry dates and other attributes to help save money and effort when creating purchase orders.
Do you need to find the lowest cost vendor across varying units and case sizes?
Want to obtain and incorporate advance shipping notices?
KARDIA Solutions can wring out those nitty gritty details that make procurement as hassle free as possible!

Flu shot


Health Services
Municipal Hospitals

It can be a daunting task to keep track of the Flu Compliance status of all your employees.
Another KARDIA Solution has been deployed to track flu compliance for a large teaching hospital with over 20-thousand employees.
This KARDIA Solution includes nightly secure uploads of employee information so that employee data is up to date.
Scanners are deployed at annual flu events to scan employee badges and collect signatures.
A website with a 'flu-shot wizard' allows for individuals to upload off-site flu shot information.