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At KARDIA we offer solid, sturdy career opportunities for smart, capable individuals looking to earn an excellent living, solve problems for our client-companies and add value to work environments every time we take on a new contact. KARDIA is an innovative, forward-looking company with tremendous opportunities for job candidates. We hold both our employees and the work our employees do for our clients in the highest regard, and consider it our responsibility to provide value for them both through the choices we make in selecting the managers and project teams that we hire.

Available Jobs

Location:  Los Angeles

The Vertical Solutions Manager works with all members of the Solutions Team and is closely involved in overseeing design, development, integration and testing of all configurations that come-about in any given client project. As part of any given assignment, the Vertical Solutions Manager has to apply top-level understanding of any given product, especially as to its use and level of performance.

Apart from the above, the Vertical Solutions Manager sholud be self-motivated, self-driven and strongly committed to providing tireless leadeship to his or her Team. In addition, the Manager must be able to retain a solid grasp of new emerging client operations so that everything comes together efficiently and with true cost economy.

Location:  Los Angeles

Plays a key role in innovating, developing and implementing configuration solutions in direct collaboration with client managers and frontline IT staff personnel. Reviews, recommends and implements primary, secondary and completed-project close-out procedures. Oversees solutions and base-line activities set-up as they pertain to all project requirements. Proactively interacts with associate KARDIA team members in development, maintenance and upgrade of SQL solutions to ensure data quality, integrity and proprietary security as it pertains to client information assets.

Additionally, provides support to KARDIA management at top level to provide input, analysis and recommendation in all areas of pre-project information-gathering, during project strategy meetings and development of appropriate schedules, action items, reso;lution of unforeseen configuration issues and advancement of thorough orientations and training interactions to structure and inspire new hires. Evaluates performance of team members and provides feedback for improvement anad growth.

Location:  Los Angeles

Are you ready to join KARDIA's customer-driven Configurable Solutions Technology Team and devise, develop, integrate and sell time-saving, cost-lowering, frustration-eliminating ingenious product solutions to small, medium and large business enterprises throughout North America? Well, if you are, KARDIA is looking for highly motivated, self-driven individuals who have excellent communications skills and well-practices listening abilities.

Moreover, if you have outstanding analytic apptitude and precise, forward-thinking capabilities ... and are adept at giving customer demonstrations, as well as fielding questions from your listeners ... then you well may belong in KARDIA's highly innovative, inventive and creative environment.

Location:  Los Angeles

You have very good mathematical skills and analytic abilities. You have strong interest in virtually every technology these is, from Java to AJAX, from C to SQL. You also have a good grasp of Object Oriented Programming and pride youself on maintaining familiarity with networking fundamentals such as SNMP, XML, RDBMS and SQL—so you possess an extra advantage.

KARDIA's Integrations Architects work with product teams and are closely involved in the function and testing of simple-to-complex Integration capabilities of all of KARDIA's products themselves so that these capabilities can be leveraged into the development of these products themselves.

In addition, KARDIA is expecting its individual Integration Architects to be self-motivated, self-driven and committed, with an appetite to learn more and more at every step as part of the Integrations Solutions Team.

Location:  Nationwide

KARDIA Advisors are personable, knowledgeable of business operations and able to work with end users to translate wish lists and pain points into configured solutions.  As our Network grows, we are seeking talent in all areas.  In addition to submitting your résumé, we urge you to contact KARDIA by using the 'Contact Us' link here on our site and begin the process of learning the 'ins' and 'outs' of what it takes to become a KARDIA Advisor.

Location:  Los Angeles

You are ready to join KARDIA and recruit new resellers within four key channels: Managed Service Providers, QuickBooks™ Certified ProAdvisors, the Intuit Marketplace and Coaching Organizations (such as Vistage, Tab, CEO Focus and more.) You're ready to build relationships by showing these IT Professionals KARDIA's new, powerful, smart, affordable solutions software so they may see for themselves how expert KARDIA has become at reconfiguring popular shop-worn or insufficienbtly designed software that these IT Professionals' client-companies already have so they may continue to keep pace with their competition and remain profitable.

You have outstanding analytical abilities and planning skills. You are adept at giving customer demos as well as fielding questions from potential clients. Prior experience in Information Technology and call-center support along with how company management works would also work to your advantage.

Location:  Los Angeles

KARDIA's Social Media Placement & & Content Strategist develops paid and non-paid social media and content strategies designed to produce interest and grow potential client interaction through the use of a variety of online, special event and industry-focused social channels. This Strategists causes KARDIA to grow through the spotlighting of highly practical, exciting, money/time-saving solutions and integrations, especially where team execution meets and exceeds client expectations. In this role, the Strategist insures that the Social Media Community learns the visual, audible and media / content strategy and planning that sets KARDIA apart.

Consistently producing a consistently superior creative product, KARDIA's Strategist possesses an understanding of Social Media advertising campaign management as well as the optimization practices required by both "The Biggies" — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram as well as a number of Top-Tech Influencers and Tech-Expert Personalities doing radio broadcasts, Internet podcasts and YouTube channel appearances you can find on the Computer Talk Radio. website.

Monitors the latest trends in social media, including advertising formats, channels and technologies in order to improve campaign performance and provide KARDIA with the newest tools, services and leverage. Works to consistently identify goals and integrate metrics into the content of the development process. Prepare reports, summarizes results and takes pride in mantaining strong business and personal ethics.

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