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Last modified—4 February 2019

Privacy Policy — Details

1. Privacy Statement

This statement explains KARDIA | CST's policy regarding personal information you may supply to this Site or any other KARDIA | CST Website, including, but not limited to, KARDIA | CST's Solutions Index, KARDIA | CST's Client Stories and any and all other KARDIA | CST Websites that bear the KARDIA | CST logo, copyright, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service information.

In addition to KARDIA | CST Websites, the aforementioned requisite extends to servers owned, leased or rented by Websites operated by KARDIA | CST and bearing the duly registered KARDIA | CST brand name and trademark.

2. Personal Information

There are times when customer-Website exchange, including, but not limited to, the filling-out of forms and questionnaires, the electronic recording of Internet browser data into computer memory, the copying and storage of email headers and more.  may use personal information provided through different types of interactive customer-website exchange, including, but not limited to, the filling-out of forms and questionnaires, the electronic recording of Internet browser data into computer memory, the copying and storage of email headers and more.

Your résumé, contact information and any private information you may share with KARDIA | CST in telephone conversations and/or live meetings is not shared with any person or any entity apart from our Company.  The information you share is used strictly to identify you, categorize you and qualify you as a client responding to an opportunity or opportuunities presetned on our Website.  We may use this information to contact you directly in order to ascertain whether or not we can help you in your job search and whether or not our Company may receive, as well as provide, a tangible benefit from an ongoing mutual interaction.

Should you become a client of KARDIA | CST, you name. background, current or prior place or places of employment and professional background are only distributed as part of our professional service to you. This use of personal information enables KARDIA | CST to provide a more focused, efficient and relevant interaction between its products, its services and its clients.  By better tracking its clients and their usage its products and services, KARDIA | CST can best achieve its business goals: Which are to use such information and preferences to deliver the most accurate and precise Client experience it can.

3. 'Cookies'

Each KARDIA | CST Website records information about accounts, clients and customers on the individual computer systems owned by the accounts, clients and customers that visit each individual Websites.  This recorded information is then stored in the form of an electronic object known on the Internet as a 'cookie'.  (More Information About 'Cookies'.)

KARDIA | CST does not share or disclose e-mail addresses, response information or any other forms or types of personal data with anyone, including, but not limited to third-party advisors, commercial sponsors, promotional partners, government agencies and the like.  Third-party confidentiality agreements and specific contractual obligations ensure that all personal information obtained on this, or any, KARDIA | CST Websites is securely safeguarded and protected.

4. Limited Warranty

KARDIA | CST is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of other Websites, public forums, message boards, newsgroups, blogs, portals or search engines that may or may not be connected to KARDIA | CST Websites from time-to-time by hyperlinks.  Such remote sites and domain name locations are the property of their owners.  They each maintain separate policies and practices that are beyond KARDIA | CST's ability to legally monitor or enforce.

Information disclosed on the Internet, using any number of different network architectures and security criteria is, by the foundation of its technical configuration alone, information that may or may not become public information through deliberate and/or inadvertent scrutiny.

5. Deletion Requests

If, at any time, you want to be removed from our distribution list, please let us know by sending an email to:

Removal of your information from our distribution list may take up to 48 hours.

6. Information Updates

Clients who wish to have their contact information updated or corrected are asked to please send an email containing the correct information to the above email address.

7. Contact Us

For all other questions regarding our privacy poilicy and our KARDIA Configurable Solutions Technology software,
please call or email—

310/539-3598 —

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