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The answer is a type of business that embodies what confirguable solutions technology is all about

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“There is an entire business sector that has mastered the concept of inventory management.  At any time of day or night, this business sector can precisely tell you the value of their inventory 'to the penny.'  They can tell you where it is located, when they got it and who they got it from.”

Do you know which business sector this is?

Be sure to scroll down ... four clues are there to help you get the right answer.











Here are four clues —

1)  This business sector generally has multiple locations where their inventory is
     managed, received, stored and transported.

2)  The people responsible for keeping the inventory count have, on average, less than
     a high school education.

3)  The people responsible for keeping the inventory, on average, stay at their position
      less than one year.

4)  The industry is widely known and widely used.  You, yourself, are likely to have
      interacted with their inventory several times, just this week.


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